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Welcome to BILL BOSTON CYCLES where bringing science to the art of bicycle design has been our primary focus for 30 years. Research in the areas of bike fit and handling has led to what we feel is state of the art technology for bicycle design. We hope that you find this web site interesting and informative.  

AccuFit Professional 2.4.0 !

Do you own a bike shop? Are you providing your customers with the best fit possible or are you just selling bikes. 

Find out how selling fit and using Accufit Professional can help improve your profitability and keep your customers coming back. 

Why sell  Bike Fit?                Why Use Accufit?

AccuFit Designer 2.4.0 now with annual licensing!

Completely integrated bike fit and design tools. Allows the custom frame builder to produce complete frame designs from rider measurements in record time. No tedious drafting required. Allows you to consider more bike design possibilities and insure appropriate handling and frame geometry. New annual licensing provides precision bike design with a low startup cost. Expanded mitering dimensions for all types of mitering machines. Additional setup dimensions for lug-less construction.

Personal AccuFit

New Low Price with multiple licensing options!

Professional Strength Bicycle Fitting Technology Safe For Home Use. It is time for you to take charge of your fit and efficiency. Personal Accufit Provides the tools to help you learn how. Download your unlimited Demo copy today. Just released Version 2.4.2 with new easier to use and more accurate body measuring system!

Find Out More!  

Personal Accufit Demo

Accufit Coach  New Annual Licensing

The perfect tool for coaches, professional bike fitters, cycling teams or health clubs. Accufit Coach provides accurate and efficient rider positioning. Includes extensive bike setup information and database tracking. New annual licensing provides precision fit and bike setup with a low startup cost.

Bicycle Fit

A detailed explanation of how bike dimensions influence fit, comfort and efficiency.

Just added... Lower Limb Inequality (LLI) discussion.

Find out how to buy a bike that fits.

Ever wondered if your bike could handle better...

Find Out With   

  AccuTrax Request Form  

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